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How To Become An Ice Hockey Referee Uk

Ice hockey referees are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game and ensuring that players are safe. They must be able to make quick decisions in order to keep the game flowing. To become an ice hockey referee in the UK, you will need to complete an accredited refereeing course.

How To Become An Ice Hockey Referee Uk

There is no one specific path to becoming an ice hockey referee in the UK. However, many referees start out as volunteers, officiating games at a grassroots level. Officials can then progress through the ranks by taking referee courses and officiating more high-level games. To be eligible to referee in the UK, officials must be registered with the Ice Hockey Referees Association (IHRA) and meet the required standards.

There are a few tools you will need in order to become an ice hockey referee in the United Kingdom. The first is a whistle, which you can purchase at most sporting goods stores. The second is a referee jersey, which you can order from the UK Ice Hockey Association’s website. Finally, you will need a pair of skates and hockey equipment in order to officiate games.

  • learn the basic rules of ice hockey 2. attend a referee clinic 3. get certified by your national governing body 4. start officiating games at the youth level 5. work your way up to the professional level

: 1. To become an ice hockey referee in the UK, you must be a member of the Ice Hockey umpire Association (IHUA) and pass their referee qualification process. 2. The IHUA qualification process includes a written exam and practical assessment. 3. The IHUA also requires referees to be insured and registered with them. 4. In order to referee ice hockey games in the UK, you must also be a member of the English

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Ice Hockey Referees Earn?

Most ice hockey referees earn a flat fee for each game they officiate. The fee can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, depending on the level of the game. Some referees may also earn a small bonus if they are selected to officiate in important games, such as playoff matches or championships.

What Level Are Nhl Referees?

The NHL referees are professional referees who officiate ice hockey games in the National Hockey League (NHL). The NHL referees are divided into two levels: the referee level and the linesman level.

How Much Do Level 1 Hockey Refs Make?

Level 1 hockey referees make $50 per game.

To Review

Ice hockey referees must be certified by the respective governing body in order to officiate any games. Certification typically requires attendance at an officiating clinic, passing a written exam, and satisfactory performance at a number of officiated games.

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