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How To Break In Hockey Goalie Glove

Hockey goalie gloves are an important piece of equipment for any goalie. They help protect the hands and keep the puck from getting to the goalie. The gloves can be expensive, so it is important to take care of them and make sure they last. One way to help break in a new pair of gloves is to use a glove dryer.

How To Break In Hockey Goalie Glove

There is no definitive answer to how to break in hockey goalie gloves, as every goalie glove is different. However, some tips on how to break in goalie gloves include: – Soaking the gloves in warm water for about 30 minutes prior to use – Putting them on and flexing them repeatedly – Wearing them in a game situation

-A hockey goalie glove -A mallet -A screwdriver -A drill -An awl -Leather conditioner

  • Put glove in freezer for 24 hours
  • Put glove in oven at 200 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes
  • Soak glove in water for 30 minutes

-It is important to break in a hockey goalie glove slowly. Overuse can damage the glove and affect its performance. -The best way to break in a hockey goalie glove is to use a ball. Start by lightly tossing the ball at the glove and then gradually increase the intensity of your throws. -When breaking in a new hockey goalie glove, it is also important to make sure the fingers are flexible. You can do this by bending the fingers back and forth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bake A Goalie Glove?

There are a few ways that you can bake a goalie glove. You can either bake it in the oven or use a heat gun.

Do You Need To Break In Goalie Gloves?

No, you do not need to break in goalie gloves. However, you may want to stretch them out a bit before using them in a game.

What Is The Best Way To Break In A Goalie Glove?

The best way to break in a goalie glove is to use it in practice.

In Summary

There is no one definitive way to break in a hockey goalie glove. Some methods that may work include using a lacrosse ball, using a hot water bath, and using a microwave.

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