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How To Get Better Handles In Basketball

There are many techniques that can be used to improve one’s handles in basketball. One way is to focus on improving ball control and hand eye coordination. This can be done by dribbling in a variety of directions, including backwards and side-to-side. Another way to improve one’s handles is by practicing crossovers and other dribbling drills. These drills can help improve agility and quickness, which are important when handling the ball in traffic. Finally, it is important to stay

How To Get Better Handles In Basketball

There are many techniques that can help improve your handles in basketball. One way is to practice dribbling with your non-dominant hand. This will help improve your coordination and dexterity. You can also try dribbling in different directions, as this will help you become more agile on the court. Additionally, practicing drills that involve moving quickly and changing direction can also help improve your handles.

There are a few tools and materials you will need in order to improve your handles in basketball. The most important tool is a basketball. You will also need a hoop, preferably one that is adjustable so that you can practice at different heights. You will also need some space to dribble in, either indoors or outdoors. Finally, you will need some practice balls, which you can find at most sporting goods stores.

  • Start by holding the ball with your dominant hand in the center of the ball
  • Use your fingers and palm to control the ball as you
  • Spread your fingers and keep your thumb off the top of the ball

1. Improve ball handling skills through practice. A good way to improve your ball handling skills is to practice regularly. You can do this by dribbling a ball around your house, in the park, or at the gym. 2. Use a basketball drill to improve your ball handling skills. There are many different basketball drills that you can use to improve your ball handling skills. One of the most popular drills is theAround the World Drill. 3. Use cones or other

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Beginners Get Better Handles?

There isn’t one answer to this question as there are many different ways to improve your basketball handles. Some basic tips include practicing with both hands, doing drills that focus on ball control, and working on your agility and footwork. It’s also important to be creative and always look for new ways to improve your handles – for example, by using cones or other obstacles to create a obstacle course.

How Can I Improve My Handling?

There are a number of ways that you can improve your handling. One way is to practice in a parking lot or an empty field. Another way is to watch tutorial videos on how to improve your handling. Finally, you can also ask someone who is more experienced than you to help you out.

How Do You Do Material Handling?

Material handling is the process of moving and managing materials throughout a manufacturing or distribution process. It includes the use of forklifts, conveyor belts, and other equipment to move and store materials. Material handling is an important part of any manufacturing or distribution process, and it must be done efficiently to ensure that products are delivered on time.


There are a few key things that one can do to improve their handles in basketball. First, practice dribbling with both hands. This will help you become more comfortable and coordinated with each hand. Second, try different dribbling moves in a variety of situations. This will help you become more versatile with the ball and better prepared for game-time scenarios. Finally, focus on your footwork. Good footwork will help you keep your balance while dribbling, which will make you harder to defend.

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