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How To Get Duke Basketball Tickets

Duke basketball tickets can be difficult to come by, as the Blue Devils are one of the most popular college basketball teams in the country. However, there are a few ways to get your hands on some tickets. The best way to get tickets is to buy them through the Duke Ticket Office. Season ticket holders have the first opportunity to buy tickets for home games, and the Ticket Office releases a limited number of tickets to the general public for each game. Tickets can also be purchased

How To Get Duke Basketball Tickets

There are a few options available when it comes to purchasing tickets for Duke Basketball games. Tickets can be purchased through the team’s website, Ticketmaster, or the venue where the game is being played. The best option for getting tickets is usually through the team’s website. There are often promotions and discounts available when tickets are purchased through the team’s website.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may try to sell tickets on online marketplaces such as StubHub or Craigslist, while others may try to get tickets through the Duke ticket office or from season ticket holders.

  • Explain that you would like to purchase tickets for a game
  • Provide the date of the game and the number of tickets you would like if tickets are still available, you will
  • Contact the duke basketball ticket office

-Tickets for Duke basketball games can be purchased through the Ticketmaster website or by phone. -Tickets may also be available at the Duke Athletics Ticket Office located in Krzyzewskiville on the day of the game. -Groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets through the Duke Athletics Ticket Office. -Students with a valid DukeCard can obtain tickets at no cost from the Duke Athletics Ticket Office on the day of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Duke Basketball Tickets Cost?

Tickets to Duke basketball games vary in price, depending on the opponent and location of the game. Generally, tickets cost anywhere from $10 to $200.

How Do Students Get Tickets To Duke Basketball Games?

There are a few ways that students can get tickets to Duke basketball games. One way is to become a season ticket holder. Another way is to be part of the Blue Devil Club, which is the booster club for Duke athletics. Finally, students can enter a lottery for tickets.

Can Students Go To Duke Basketball Games?

Some students can go to Duke basketball games, but it depends on their affiliation with the school. Students who are enrolled in classes at Duke University can buy tickets to basketball games. Other students, such as alumni, can also purchase tickets, but they may not be able to sit in the student section.


There are a few ways to get tickets to Duke basketball games. Ticketmaster is the most common way, but there are also other options such as StubHub and the school’s ticket office. Tickets typically go on sale in late October or early November.

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