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How To Goaltend In Ice Hockey

In ice hockey, goaltending is the action of preventing the opposing team from scoring goals by playing in the goaltender position. The goaltender usually wears special clothing to differentiate them from other players and to protect them from injury. Goaltenders are typically amongst the taller players on the ice, although size is not as important as agility and reflexes.

How To Goaltend In Ice Hockey

There are a few techniques goaltenders use when playing ice hockey. One is to spread their legs wide apart and use their hands and blocker to deflect the puck away from the net. They can also dive to their left or right to make a save. Another technique is to drop down to their knees and use their glove hand to block the puck.

There are a few pieces of equipment that are necessary for goaltending in ice hockey. The goaltender needs a helmet, gloves, blocker, catcher, and skates. In addition, the goaltender will need a hockey stick and goalie pads.

  • Use your blocker to deflect any shots that get by your glove
  • Position your body in the crease and keep your glove on the ice
  • When the puck is shot, extend your arm and glove to make the save

-Positioning -Angles -Referee signals – puck handling -shot blocking

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Teach Goaltending?

There is no one specific way to teach goaltending, as different coaches may have different philosophies and methods. However, common teaching points for goaltending may include proper stance and positioning, how to read the play and anticipate shots, how to make saves using different techniques, and how to control rebounds. Coaches may also work on specific aspects of goaltending such as puck handling or playing the puck.

What Does Goaltending Mean In Hockey?

In ice hockey, goaltending is the act of playing in the goaltender position. Goaltenders are responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring goals by stopping shots on goal.

Can A Goalie Hit A Player In Hockey?

In hockey, a goalie is allowed to hit an opposing player as long as the puck is not in the vicinity. Goalies are also allowed to use their blocker and glove to block shots.


To goaltend in ice hockey, you must be positioned in the crease and be able to move side-to-side and cover the net. You must also be able to block shots and control rebounds.

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