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How To Measure Hockey Equipment

There is no one definitive way to measure hockey equipment, as there are a variety of ways to size and fit different pieces of equipment. However, some general guidelines include measuring the length and width of skates, the height and width of a hockey stick, and the circumference of a player’s waist.

How To Measure Hockey Equipment

There is no one definitive way to measure hockey equipment. Depending on the specific equipment, different measurements may be more important. For skates, for example, length and width are key measurements, while for a hockey stick length and flex are most important. One common way to measure hockey equipment is by using a sizing chart. This can be helpful for finding the right size of skates or a hockey stick, but it is not always accurate. For example, a player may need a

-A ruler or tape measure -A pencil -A sheet of paper

  • Pick a stick that is the right height for you by bending it against the floor. the stick should be bent 90 degrees at the top of your shoe
  • Have someone help you measure the length of your stick. the distance between

on what to consider when measuring hockey equipment – The size of the player – What type of hockey the player participates in – The level of play the player is at

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Hockey Pads Should I Get?

What size hockey pads you should get largely depends on your height, weight, and playing position. Generally, taller players and those who play defense or center will need larger pads than those who play goalie or are shorter.

What Size Hockey Pads Do I Need?

The size hockey pads you need will depend on the size of your body and the size of the hockey stick you are using.

How Do You Measure For Hockey Leg Pads?

The size of hockey leg pads is typically measured in inches from the center of the kneecap to the bottom of the pad.


There are a variety of ways to measure hockey equipment, depending on what you want to measure. You can use length, width, height, and volume to get an idea of how much space the equipment takes up. You can also use weight to see how heavy the equipment is.

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