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How To Remove Hockey Stick End Cap

Removing the end cap from a hockey stick is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes with the right tools.

How To Remove Hockey Stick End Cap

There are a few different ways to remove a hockey stick end cap. One way is to use a Stanley knife or a similar sharp object to pry it off. Another way is to use a heat source, such as a lighter, to heat up the end of the hockey stick and then use pliers to twist it off.

-Hockey stick -Phillips head screwdriver -Needle nose pliers

  • Remove the screws at the top and bottom of the end cap using a screwdriver
  • Use a pliers to grip the end of the hockey stick and pull the end cap off

There are a few ways to remove the end cap of a hockey stick. One way is to use a screwdriver to pry it off. Another way is to use a hacksaw to cut it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To Summarize

To remove the hockey stick end cap, insert a screwdriver into the small hole in the end of the cap and twist to loosen. Then pull the cap off.

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