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How To Repair Hockey Stick

There are a few key things you can do to repair a hockey stick. If the stick is broken, you can use epoxy to glue the two pieces back together. Once the epoxy has set, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the surface. If the stick is cracked, you can use a heat gun to soften the epoxy and then press the crack back together. Once it has hardened, you can use sandpaper to smooth it out.

How To Repair Hockey Stick

There are many ways to repair a hockey stick. One way is to use hockey wax. Hockey wax is a type of wax that is used to help the puck glide across the ice. It can also be used to repair a stick. Hockey wax can be bought at most sporting goods stores. Another way to repair a hockey stick is by using epoxy. Epoxy is a type of glue that is used to fix things together. It can be used to fix a broken hockey stick

– hockey stick – screwdriver – superglue – sandpaper

  • Use a sharp blade to cut away the damaged fibers
  • Identify the location of the damage
  • Apply wood glue to the area clamp the area in place let the glue dry
  • Sand the area smooth

– Check the condition of the stick. If the stick is cracked, chipped or warped, it will need to be repaired. – Clean the stick with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or debris. – Use a wood adhesive to repair any cracks or chips in the wood. – Apply clamps to secure the adhesive in place and allow it to dry. – Sand down any rough patches on the surface of the stick. – Apply a coat of lacquer or

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Hockey With A Broken Stick?

It is possible to play hockey with a broken stick, but it is not advisable. A broken stick can make it difficult to control the puck and can also lead to injuries.

How Do You Fix A Broken Ice Hockey Stick?

If the stick is cracked, then the best option may be to replace it. If the stick is not cracked, but the blade is chipped, then a fix can be attempted. Gently use a sharp knife to shave off the excess plastic until the blade is flush with the stick. Do not go too deep, as this could affect the strength of the blade.

Can A Hockey Stick Be Repaired?

Yes, a hockey stick can be repaired, but it is not always easy. Depending on the damage, the stick may need to be replaced.


To repair a hockey stick, one must first identify the damage. Once the damage is identified, the appropriate adhesive and materials can be used to fix the stick.

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