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How To Star 69 A Number

To star 69 a number, dial *69 on your phone and the call will be redirected to your phone. The person you are calling will hear a busy signal.

1 Steps to Star 69 A Number

To star 69 a number, simply dial *69 on your phone. This will automatically redial the last number that called you.

The ability to star 69 a number is an important life skill that everyone should learn. By star 69ing a number, you are able to quickly block the number from calling you again. This is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you are receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers or other nuisance callers.

Step 1: To Star 69 A Number, One Would Need To Input The Number They Wish To Call Into The Phone’S Keypad And Then Press The Star Key (Usually Located On The Phone’S Keypad Near The Number 5 Key) And Then Press The 6 Key And Then Finally The 9 Key

To star 69 a number, one would need to input the number they wish to call into their phone’s keypad and then press the star key (usually located on the phone’s keypad near the number 5 key) and then press the 6 key and then finally the 9 key. This would then enable the star 69 function on the phone which would allow the person to automatically redial the last number that they had called.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Star 69 On A Cell Phone?

Yes, you can Star 69 on a cell phone.

Can I * 69 A Blocked Number?

Yes, you can *69 a blocked number.

To Review

To star 69 a number, type * and then the number you would like to call. For example, if you want to call your best friend, type *69* and then the phone number for your best friend.

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